Weedeater fuel line replacement diagram

Skip to main content Weedeater Fuel Line. I didn't know what size I needed so I bought the with the four most common sizes. Worked well and me weed eater is no longer leehing gas and runs much better.

See All Buying Options. Ethanol fuel eat the lines up on my weedeaters and bower. This kit was perfect to fix all 3 of them. Great kit guys seems like high quality tygon line. Came with all the right sizes. I used it on a Troy Built 4 cycle weedeater.

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Fuel line worked for my intended use. I needed the smallest diameter line to replace a broken chainsaw fuel line. All worked good. A good choice for fuel lines and filters and primer bulbs all at the same time. Yes they work perfect fits right in the screws with no problem works ask expected.

These hoses work great. We had an older chainsaw where the fuel lines had deteriorated and needed replaced. We were able to cut to the desired length and they worked great!

It works like a new saw. Fits Poulan, Craftsman, Snapper. Watched a YouTube video, ordered this kit, and it only took me 10 minutes to complete the new fuel line repair.

Perfect fit and he provided multiple sizes to ensure it'll fit. PS - I didn't need to remove the gas tank. Used some long needle nose pliers to grab the line and pull it from the tank. Definitely a solid purchase! Saved me from having to buy a new gas trimmer. The hose works really well on my weed eaters in the fuel filter fit right in replace and with the old one thank you very much Sincerely William Tyler.

I ordered this product and when it arrived, it was missing one of the lengths of fuel line. I contacted customer service and had the replacement in hand in just under a week. The new lines and filter worked well with my weed eater, allowing it to run better.

Only needed the larger line and new filter. Was able to get the engine running. Just enough line to fix it. I got just what I expected and you cannot beat the price that is the best thing about this fuel line it is top grade fuel line I like to Repair mowers and weed wackers and buying the fuel line at a local store gets to be very expensive cannot go wrong with this item. My second kit, seems all trimmers, chain saws etc fuel lines go bad due to out fuel these days.Remove the fuel system cover.

Unscrew carburetor fasteners. Release the throttle cable from carburetor. Unscrew fasteners holding the mount plate. Remove the fuel assembly from the trimmer. Draw a Diagram of the Trimmer's Fuel Lines Drawing a fuel line diagram will prevent mix-ups later in the repair. Draw a diagram of the trimmer's fuel lines. Remove the Old Fuel Lines 7. Remove all fuel lines from their fittings.

weedeater fuel line replacement diagram

Remove the overflow return line from the fuel tank. Remove the fuel filter line. Replace the primer bulb. Install New Fuel Lines and Other Components Installing the fuel filter line is usually the most difficult part of this repair. Install the fuel filter line. Install the fuel filter line retaining ring. Install the remaining ruel lines. Reattach the Fuel System and Reassemble the Trimmer Reatach the fuel system. Reinstall the throttle cable into the carburetor.

Affix the carburetor to the mount plate. Replace the fuel system cover. The new trimmer lines are now completely installed.

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Fuel line replacement is a very common trimmer repairbecause plastic fuel lines eventually break down, become brittle, and crack if they are not replaced every few seasons. The fuel lines of string trimmers and other gas-powered equipment rest partially in the fuel itself, increasing the rate at which the plastic degrades.

Trimmer owners often have questions about this repair, because disassembling a trimmer's fuel system requires many steps. Inserting the new, filtered fuel line into the trimmer's fuel tank is one of the trickiest parts of the repair. We explain the steps for replacing fuel lines below, and provide an example repair on a Ryobi rj Line Trimmer. The steps used in this article and its accompanying video demonstration will be similar for most gas-powered trimmers.

In the case of our demonstration trimmer, the fuel tank, carburetor, fuel lines, and carburetor mount plate will come off all together. Every trimmer can be a little different, and this trimmer's fuel cover is located on the rear of the engine. Remove any fasteners that affix the cover to the engine so you can access the carburetor.The diagram s below can help you find the right part.

On this page, you can also find any manuals, installation guides and error code tables associated with this model. The fuel line on a grass line trimmer deteriorates with time and eventually can split or crack. You can replace it yourself, following these instructions. If the line trimmer engine won't start even though there's fuel in the tank, the carburetor could be the problem.

Follow these instructions to do the job in under 30 minutes. If the line trimmer won't start even though there's fuel in the tank, the carburetor could be the problem.

Follow these instructions to replace the carburetor in under 30 minutes. Use the advice and tips in these articles and videos to get the most out of your grass line trimmer. Craftsman trimmer repair and replacement parts. Search parts in this model.

Click a parts diagram on the left to narrow your scope. Displaying 89 parts. Part ? This part replaces Add to cart. Line trimmer drive shaft housing clamp. Line trimmer spool. This item is not returnable. Line trimmer string cut-off blade. Line trimmer spool assembly.

weedeater fuel line replacement diagram

Part B? Line trimmer throttle trigger spring. Created with Sketch. Symptoms for gas line trimmers.

Homelite weed eater gas trimmer will not run - how to rebuild weedeater carburetor - clean Zama carb

Choose a symptom to see related grass line trimmer repairs. View all.Part Number: Part Number: WT This article explains the basic types and features of line trimmers, and it also offers purchasing guidelines for line garden trimmers.

This video explains how to remove the clutch from most line and string trimmers. Tips are provided for removing tricky clutch drum screws. This video explains how to properly winterize power tools and machines for winter storage, increasing the life and performance of seasonal tools. This article lists the major categories of lawn and garden tools and machines, explaining the basic applications, types, and features of each.

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weedeater fuel line replacement diagram

Find Part by Symptom. Leaks gas Won't start Trimmer line won't feed Hard to start Trigger doesn't work Engine rotates but trimmer head doesn't Engine will idle but dies at full thro.

Search within model.

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Page A. Page B. Throttle Hsg. Kit - Drive Shaft Hsg. Line Cutter. Spring - Return. Decal - Shaft Warning.

29 Weedeater Fuel Line Replacement Diagram

Find Part By Symptom Choose a symptom to view parts that fix it. Popular Parts. Fuel Line. Add to Cart.Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Plastic fuel lines for small engines will eventually break. When this occurs, the fuel line must be replaced to avoid hazardous leaks. Replacing a fuel line on a Poulan Weed Eater will not take much time.

In fact, the process takes less than one hour. It may be a good idea to replace the internal fuel filter while you are replacing the line. The filter sets inside the fuel tank, and on the end of the fuel line.

Remove the cap from the fuel tank. Tip the engine over so the open fuel tank can empty into the gasoline container. Ensure that all the fuel has exited the small plastic tank.

Identify the fuel line. The small diameter plastic hose runs from the bottom side of the fuel tank, and into the carburetor. The small carburetor is located just under the muffler on the engine. Pull the fuel line from the carburetor, using the needle-nose pliers.

The hose fits over a small metal nozzle on the side of the carburetor. Push the fuel line into the fuel tank, through the small hole on the bottom of the tank. Leave approximately 2 inches of the fuel line outside the tank. Turn the engine over. Shake the Weed Eater. The small fuel filter will work its way to the opening on top of the fuel tank.When working properly this line sucks fuel up to the carburetor to keep the piston pumping.

The fuel lines of string trimmers and other gas powered equipment rest partially in the fuel itself increasing the rate at which the plastic degrades.

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Weedeater fuel line replacement diagram. Both the small fuel line and the large fuel line can replaced even by a novice. If this occurs replacing fuel lines is the only fix.

Fortunately replacing fuel lines in a string trimmer or other small power tool is not very difficult. In this video i show you the fuel line configuration on an xt weedeater.

I need to replace the fuel line on my poulan pro pbvle blower. A major issue is that it has a tendency to break down rubber resulting in discoloration and cracking of the fuel lines. Plastic fuel lines for small engines will eventually break. Watch diy weedeater fuel line replacement. Replacing a fuel line on a poulan weed eater will not take much time.

34 Weedeater Featherlite Fuel Line Diagram

This diy line trimmer repair guide shows how to replace line trimmer fuel lines that carry fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. In the us almost all gas pumps have a 10 ethanol blend.

The weed eater pe gas edger manufactured by the poulan corporation like all small engine power tools contains a small fuel line that connects the tank to the carburetor.

This was my first video and im sure the sound quality is poor. The return fuel line is sold as an individual replacement part. In fact the process takes less than one hour. This same configuration will apply to many other weedeater grass trimmers. The rest should be better.

It may be a good idea to replace the internal fuel filter while. Check the lines clear any clogs you find and replace damaged fuel lines with the manufacturer approved replacement part.

Fuel lines that are blocked bent or split keep gas from flowing to the engine. When this occurs the fuel line must be replaced to avoid hazardous leaks.This video will show you how to replace the fuel lines on a 2 cycle weedeater. Poulan featherlite gas trimmer type 1 parts diagrams swipe swipe.

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Weedeater featherlite fuel line diagram. Complete exploded views of all the major manufacturers. Need to fix your featherlite plus gas trimmer. The fuel filter located on the small fuel line usually needs replacement by this stagehowever this does not mean the end of your weedeater. We have attempted to provide every product including the older weed eater models. Cap fuel lines filter. Weedeater featherlite 2 cycle gas trimmer wont. Repair parts home lawn equipment parts weed eater parts weed eater trimmer parts weed eater featherlite plus gas trimmer parts.

Posted on september 6 by admin. Poulan sst25 featherlite gas trimmer engine exploded view parts lookup by model. Poulan featherlite gas trimmer type 1 exploded view parts lookup by model. I have an issue with my weedeater. Watch diy weedeater fuel line.

On this page you will find every weedeater model and a link to the exploded parts diagram and catalogue. Filter lines fuel cap.

weedeater fuel line replacement diagram

Welcome to the weedeater featherlite parts catalogue. Carburetor assembly wa pn Use our part lists interactive diagrams accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Outdoor gasoline and electric powered equipment and small engines weedeater featherlite fuel line problem hello all. In this video i show you the fuel line configuration on an xt weedeater. Poulan sst25 featherlite gas trimmer engine parts diagram swipe swipe.

The fuel lines on a weedeater featherlite are notorious for degrading over time and eventually breaking. The small and large fuel lines can be replaced and refitted simply with minor skill involved. This was my first video and im sure the sound quality is poor. This same configuration will apply to many other weedeater grass trimmers. Replacing weedeater xt fuel lines 2of2 youtube. This video will help you troubleshoot your fuel line.

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